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“Danella is an award-winning photographer from Eureka, MT. She has years of expertise as a graphic designer, including her reputation among the professional artistic community as a sought-after blog and website architect. Danella has spent the past ten years creating portrait art for weddings, newborns, babies, children, families and models. ”

Now that we have the traditional stuff done – here are 10 things you may or may not want to know about me:

1. I am a true Montanian – hailing from the Condon/Swan Valley area. My family  blames me for making us move out here – but if “mamma ain’t happy – ain’t no body happy” right? =)  I travel all over for weddings and do an annual tour every year that includes families and models. I LOVE my job!
2. Don’t be nervous about your session – I’m a bonafide dork. I stutter, stumble, and may just ask you to “take your feet off” when I actually mean to take your shoes off. (yes, really.. just ask Stephanie)
3. Caffeine makes me especially happy – if I seem giddy at your session, it is probably because I’m on caffeine. Just know that it will eventually wear off, and I’ll be fine.
4. I have 4 children – yes, I’m slightly insane…. but in a good way.:)
5. I LOVE hiking. I have hiked most of the good mountains in the Ten Lakes and Kootenai area and enjoy taking people with me. Getting to the top of a mountain is pure victory.
6. I love LOVE riding horses. Running at full speed sets me at highest elation – even if my palms are sweaty and I’m quite nervous, I will be at my peak of happiness after the run.:)
7. I  love Theme Parks. Nothing like about peeing your pants on the first drop, right? >_<
8. I will do my best to make you look beautiful in your portraits – I firmly believe everyone is beautiful in their own unique and original way. I fall a little in love with each person I photograph.
9. I am actually quite shy – and do not enjoy large groups. (but will shoot them for $$’s. lol!!)
10. I change my hair with seasons…  So don’t freak if you see me and my hair is drastically different than the last time you saw me.. if you wait long enough – it’ll probably be back to the original color eventually! (Right now it is black, purple, teal and blue! I’m cool like that.)

Now as a little professional advice – get professional portraits. It’s worth the $$’s spent.

So there you have it – a quick rundown about me. Hope you enjoy reading this slightly more than I enjoyed writing it!


*artist bio photo credit to PlayLife Photography